Art on your hand

Following the success of her luxury watches, Caroline Dechamby addresses a new creative challenge in 2018 and launches her first Art Rings.
Derived directly from her art and watches, this collection explores Carolineā€™s paintings in a tiny format for a thorough result with an extraordinary precision.
In the same way as her other creations, these rings, handpainted with oil by the artist herself with a microscope, are worn as genuine miniature art works on the hand.

Carolineā€™s silhouette, important part of her artistic concept, is delicately engraved in the ringā€™s mass by the best craftsmen. The miniature painting is finally covered with a crystal made of sapphire and surrounded by diamonds.
Jewels in unique piece, these rings bear witness of the artistā€™s expertise, acquired thanks to many years of passionate practice and inherited by her mother, also a well-known miniaturist.